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Say goodbye to tedious manual payroll processes.

Empower your HR with an automated payroll management system.

eezi offers automated payroll solutions that eliminate the need for an external payroll service provider.

Managing your Philippine payroll system just got eezi
eezi Philippine payroll system

Manage payroll the eezi way

Our payroll module is a highly configurable and compliant tool that calculates all items in your employees’ salaries, so you don’t have to.

There’s an eezi way to compute an employee’s salary.

With our payroll module, you can finally let go of the repetitive manual pay computations and significantly reduce errors and discrepancies in monthly salary computations.

Plus, we have simplified your user interface so you can easily configure your payroll as needed.

an eezi way to compute an employee's salary for your Philippine payroll system

What are the eezi Payroll features?

See the full function of eezi’s software for managing payroll in the Philippines.

Add basic salary adjustments

Add and assign allowance type

Add and assign bonus type

Add and assign de minimis

Add and assign deductions

Add adjustments

Add HMO package

Add and assign loans

Run payroll

View contribution table

View payroll reports

Eezi Philippine Payroll System features
eezi Philippine payroll system advantage

Why choose eezi payroll?

Configurable payroll frequency and cut-off dates

More payroll period options

Personal income tax rates computation

Automated mandatory contributions

Error-free tax and payroll deductions

How does it work?

Select your company for configuration.

Make adjustments to items like basic pay, allowances, bonuses, etc.

Set up employee deductions, HMOs, and loans.

Select the payroll type and run payroll.

Generate the bank file and download the CSV.

eezi Payroll Module FAQs

Frequently asked questions about eezi’s payroll module.

Per company, you can add, edit, and delete items like minimum wage, and basic pay. You can also make basic pay adjustments, search by employee, and filter them by a table.

Yes, eezi’s payroll module permits the admin to add an allowance and organize it into a searchable format for easy editing and deletion. As to the type of allowance, the admin can also add any item, such as meal allowance and the like.

With eezi’s payroll processing module, you can set payroll frequencies and cut-off dates based on your employee database. You can also set payroll groups based on computation, frequency, contributions, and employment contracts. Plus, you can also set additional pay for special days such as holidays.

Yes, you can create a group for your employees based on employment contract and working hours.

Yes, eezi allows your admin user to set separate night shift differential rules and restrictions. You can also do the same for overtime pay.

Your admin user in charge of the payroll process can add any type of bonuses and then organize, edit, and delete the same.

Aside from the usual salary items, you can also add de minimis benefits and assign them to qualified employees.

Yes. When calculating an employee’s salary, eezi performs tax calculations and makes the appropriate deductions mandated by the Philippine government agencies, such as the following:

  • National Health Insurance Program or the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) contribution
  • National Savings Program or Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) contribution
  • Social Security contributions (SSS)
  • Withholding taxes from taxable income
  • Income tax deductions

Yes, eezi’s cloud-based payroll software includes paid leave items like paid maternity leave and other types that you can configure in timekeeping.

You can set as many types of deductions as needed in eezi’s cloud-based payroll system and assign employees under them.

For early adopters of eezi, there is no limit on the payroll runs you can make.

Yes, eezi generates the bank advice for most major banks in the Philippines. Should your preferred bank not be included in our list, you can send us a transmittal format, and we’ll add them for you.

You can generate more than ten types of payroll reports in eezi. These include but are not limited to 13th-month pay, government contributions, loan reports, and other government reports.

Yes, you can use eezi’s software to process the payroll of your employees in the Philippines. However, eezi does not offer global payroll services yet as it only services payroll in the Philippines.

eezi payroll is a robust system that can generate the following reports:

  • 13th Month Pay
  • Allowances Summary
  • Bonuses Summary
  • Deductions Report
  • Employee Payroll Information
  • Employee Salary History
  • Government Contributions
  • Gross Pay Summary
  • Loans Payable Report
  • Loans Report
  • Net Pay Summary
See how these features work in action

See how these features work in action

Automate payroll and do it eezi.

Discover how our system takes all the pain of payroll and saves time and resources for your small business.


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