eezi HRIS – HR Document Management Software

eezi digitizes your company and employee records for easy organization and update. Enroll employees within a few clicks and add their payroll information, schedule, and capture their time logs.

eezi hr document management
eezi cloud-based HR tracking

A cloud-based HR tracking database software

Let go of those stacks and stacks of dusty file folders and paperworks. Say hello to digital employee data that you can easily update.

eezi HRIS is a reliable and secure toolbox for your HR department.

What are the eezi HRIS features?

eezi helps digitize and automate the core functions of your human resources department with its robust features.

Add employee individually

Bulk upload employee files

Update employee profiles

Update payroll information

Update employee schedules

Create and assign work schedules

Capture time logs

Assign leave credits

Document storage for employment data

eezi HRIS features
eezi's employee file management software

Why choose eezi’s employee file management software tools?

Easy access to employee documents

Easy update of payroll and schedule details

More accurate time logs

How does it work?

Setup company

Set up your company profile and departments, configure the settings, and designate access to your HR team.

Upload files & documents

Upload employee 201 files and documents in bulk or individually and set their designations.


Configure payroll items and set payroll frequencies.

Manage schedules

Create employee schedules and gather time logs.

Process performance

Get relevant employee analytics and generate reports in a snap.

eezi HRIS Module FAQs

All your questions about eezi’s key features and how they can help manage your company’s HR data and simplify HR processes.

eezi allows users to upload relevant employee information and documents that speed up HR tasks and free your human resource department from the burden of maintaining physical files to maintain.

eezi’s HR document management software speeds up employee onboarding and makes a digital vault of your HR documents. This way, you can share documents faster and speed up your internal HR operations.

With eezi’s employee file management software, you can bulk upload your employee files and edit, update, and delete them afterwards. Our HR software stores your information in an encrypted and compliant cloud to protect your HR systems’ data privacy.

Yes, eezi has a document locator that allows users with access to the file management software to search for files within the system. If you missed a file on the initial upload, you can also attach new documents.

Yes, any member of your HR team with access can create folders within the platform for onboarding documents.

eezi has a mobile app where employees could clock in and out, file leaves, and view schedules in just a few clicks. For more information, check out our mobile app module.

From the eezi HRIS module, you can generate custom reports like Active Employees Report, Employee 201 Summary, and Employee HMO Dependents Report.


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