eezi – Timekeeping System Philippines

Employee scheduling and attendance tracking made eezi.

eezi - Timekeeping System Philippines
Reliable timekeeping and attendance toolkit from eezi timekeeping system Philippines

A reliable timekeeping and attendance toolkit

eezi’s timekeeping platform allows you to manage leaves, schedules, and time logs. It also includes a timekeeping report feature

Accuracy from eezi’s time and attendance system

Gone are the days of inaccurate reading of employee hours and payment discrepancies from manual attendance systems. eezi’s time and attendance feature takes care of all the employee time logs and integrates them into your payroll system without delays.

Attendance system - Eezi timekeeping system Philippines
Attendance software - eezi's timekeeping system philippines

What you can do in eezi’s time and attendance software

Add, view, and assign schedules

Check employee attendance

Upload and view time logs

View filed leaves

Add and assign leave types

Add and view holidays

View timekeeping reports

View employee requests

What are its advantages?

Accurately track employee time and process payroll in just a few clicks.

Accurate clock in/clock out readings

Efficient timekeeping

Payroll integration

Easier tracking for on-site and remote employees

Advantages of eezi's timekeeping system philippines

How does it work?

Setup schedule

Add a new work schedule and set designated work days, shift hours, and breaks.

Manage schedules

Edit schedule, update shift information, and assign employees to work schedules.

Track time & attendance

Let our system keep track of time and attendance logs for you.

Manage leaves & requests

Approve leaves and other time off requests.

Create reports

Generate accurate timekeeping and attendance reports.

eezi Timekeeping Module FAQs

Frequently asked questions about eezi’s time and attendance software.

Yes, you can add multiple schedules in eezi’s system. Once added, you can also search for the schedules based on shift code, schedule name, date added, and who added the schedule.

The number of employees you can enroll in the system will depend on your pricing plan. As for the system, early adopters can add up to a maximum of 300 employees per company.

Yes, you can add, view, edit, and delete leaves within eezi. Plus, you can also view leaves per company, by employee, and renew the credits of employees.

eezi’s calendar feature allows users to manage holidays and events for the viewing of the entire company.

You can generate a wide array of reports in eezi, including the following:

  • Absences Report
  • Perfect Attendance Report
  • Overtime Report
  • Tardiness Report
  • Undertime Report
  • Leave Ledger Report
  • Work Schedule

A time and attendance system helps HR in workforce management. With an online attendance solution, your HR could easily track employees and quickly address any attendance issues.

Time and attendance systems help businesses track the actual hours put in by their employees. As a result, less supervision is required for talent management.

Yes, eezi offers a user-friendly mobile app where employees can clock in and clock out, file time log disputes, and file leaves.

Yes, eezi allows you to upload time and attendance logs into the system manually.

eezi can cater to your employees regardless of their work setup. That means it works the same for on-site, hybrid, and work-from-home employees.

Yes, eezi offers an all-in-one solution aside from its attendance tools that could easily be the small business owners’ best investment. Ideally, attendance systems integrate time-tracking and attendance with other core HR functions, and eezi does that.

Unfortunately, eezi currently does not include a feature to track project progress. However, we can explore its advantages and add it to our employee time clock feature

eezi’s cloud-based time tracking system automatically records extra hours logged via the mobile app. Alternatively, you can also upload time sheets or connect the system to a biometric device.

  • Absences Report
  • Perfect Attendance Report
  • Overtime Report
  • Tardiness Report
  • Undertime Report
  • Leave Ledger Report
  • Work Schedule
See how our system can upgrade your timekeeping

See how our system can upgrade your timekeeping

eezi offers a reliable timekeeping software that keeps track of employee attendance and work hours.

It is also available for payroll integration so that you can process employee salaries quickly and accurately.


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