eezi HR Admin Dashboard

eezi attendance and payroll analytics dashboard

See all your key performance indicators in one simplified dashboard in real-time with eezi’s HR admin dashboard.

eezi HR Admin Dashboard
eezi offers a simplified HR admin dashboard

Your entire day’s tasks in one simplified dashboard

eezi Analytics is a robust dashboard that tracks attendance in real-time and keeps you updated with payroll insights, holidays, birthdays, and other events in one dashboard. Its notification function also allows you to view and attend to employee requests instantly.

How can eezi upgrade your HR monitoring?

Measure KPIs faster and make more informed business decisions. eezi Analytics gathers real-time data and presents it in a format that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. eezi’s dashboard combines all relevant data from the entire system into one place for easy analysis and report generation.

eezi's analytics dashboard upgrades your HR monitoring
eezi analytics module features

What are the eezi Analytics features?

View attendance chart

View headcount chart

See upcoming holidays and events

View birthday celebrants

Payroll breakdown

Payroll percentage

What are its advantages?

Real-time attendance tracking

Stay updated with holidays, birthdays, and other events

Payroll insights per department or cut-off

Advantages of eezi's analytics module

How does it work?

Manage company

View the company profile, notifications, requests, and user profiles.

Employee summary

Have a real-time summary of the employee headcount and see who’s active, absent, or on leave.

Monitor employee and payroll

View employee statuses per department and see payroll breakdown and percentages.

Access calendar

Access calendar for upcoming holidays, events, and birthdays.

eezi Analytics Module FAQs

All your questions about eezi’s analytics feature.

From the eezi dashboard, you can view employee attendance, individual employee status, and total headcount, including who’s active, absent, or on leave. The dashboard also shows a calendar of upcoming important dates, like holidays, events, and birthdays. In addition, eezi’s Analytics module gives you an overview of payroll percentages and breakdown per department or cut-off.

Yes, you can generate reports as seen on your company dashboard in eezi.

Only the designated admin and manager can see the overview of employee attendance and statuses on the eezi dashboard.


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