PhilHealth Certificate of Contribution: How to Request

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What is the purpose of the PhilHealth Certificate of Contribution, and what are the different ways and steps to request one?

Philhealth Certificate of Contribution: How to Request
Philhealth Certificate of Contribution: How to Request

The PhilHealth contribution is one of the mandatory contributions that employed individuals must pay monthly. An employed member’s share of the contribution is from their hard-earned salary. In addition, the employer of the member pays an equal amount of monthly contribution.

Furthermore, the responsibility to pay this contribution monthly falls on the hands of the company. To prove accurate and up-to-date payment of PhilHealth contributions, the company and the employee would need a Certificate of Contribution.

What is the PhilHealth Certificate of Contribution?

The Certificate of Contribution is an official and significant document issued by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth). It serves as both proof of an individual’s membership in PhilHealth and evidence of the premium contributions they have made to the organization.

This certificate is a crucial record for individuals to prove their PhilHealth membership and the payments they have contributed toward their health insurance coverage. It is typically provided by PhilHealth to its members as an essential document for various purposes related to healthcare and insurance coverage.

What does the Certificate of Contribution contain?

The Certificate of Contribution is a comprehensive document that serves as proof of PhilHealth membership and details the individual’s contributions. Here’s a breakdown of the key information typically found in the certificate:

  1. Certification Statement:
    • The certificate starts with a certification statement confirming the individual’s PhilHealth membership.
    • It includes the member’s full name and PhilHealth identification number (PhilHealth ID or PIN).
  2. Contribution Details:
    • The certificate provides a list of the member’s contributions, including both the individual’s share and the employer’s share.
    • It specifies the contribution months and the corresponding contribution amounts and may include receipt numbers for reference.
    • The total contributions made by the member for the specified period are also indicated.
  3. Additional Information:
    • The certificate includes additional information, such as the purpose for which the certificate is issued or the reason for the request.
    • It may include the date and location of issuance, indicating where the certificate was issued and when it was issued.
  4. Certificate Validity:
    • The certificate specifies the date of its validity, indicating the period for which the contribution details are accurate and can be relied upon.
  5. PhilHealth Officer’s Details:
    • The certificate bears the name and signature of the PhilHealth officer-in-charge responsible for issuing the document.

The Certificate of Contribution is a critical document for PhilHealth members, as it verifies their membership status and contribution history. It is often required for various healthcare and insurance-related purposes, making it essential for individuals to keep this certificate in a safe and accessible place.

PhilHealth Contribution Calculator

What is the purpose of the Certificate of Contribution?

The Certificate of Contribution serves several important purposes, primarily related to verifying an individual’s PhilHealth membership and contribution history. Its key purposes include:

  1. Validation of Membership:
    • The certificate provides official confirmation of a person’s membership in PhilHealth, ensuring that they are eligible for healthcare benefits and coverage.
  2. Documentation for Hospitalization Benefits:
    • In some cases, hospitals and healthcare facilities may require a Certificate of Contribution as part of the documentation process for hospitalization benefits.
    • It helps establish a member’s eligibility for PhilHealth coverage when seeking medical services.
  3. Support for Medical Reimbursements:
    • When individuals seek reimbursement for medical expenses covered by PhilHealth, the certificate can serve as evidence of their contributions and eligibility for reimbursement.
  4. Verification for Loan Applications:
    • Some financial institutions may request a Certificate of Contribution as part of the documentation process for loan applications.
    • It helps lenders verify the applicant’s membership and contribution history, which can be a factor in loan approval.
  5. License and Permit Renewals:
    • Certain government agencies and local authorities may require the certificate when renewing licenses or permits.
    • It ensures that individuals maintain their PhilHealth coverage while engaging in various professions or businesses.

How do you obtain a Certificate of Contribution?

Philhealth provides several ways to obtain a Certificate of Contribution. The certificate can be obtained in the form of a digital document or physical copy. Below are some of the methods to acquire the certificate.

How to obtain a PhilHealth Certificate of Contribution?
How to obtain a PhilHealth Certificate of Contribution?

MyPhilHealth Portal

MyPhilhealth Portal is the official website of PhilHealth in providing online services to its members. As such, it is one of the most reliable websites to visit for inquiries regarding PhilHealth matters. To obtain a certificate of contribution through the MyPhilHealth Portal, a member only needs to follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the portal

Access the MyPhilHealth Portal Online Services by proceeding to these links:

Step 2: Log in to your account

If the user already has an account registered with the portal, they only need to log in using their Philhealth Number and their registered password. The PhilHealth number can be found on the PhilHealth member identification card.

Suppose the user does not have an existing account in the portal. In that case, they may register for an account by clicking on the Create Account link found on the bottom-most part of the login form.

After this, PhilHealth will then collect the member’s information to create the account. This includes their Philhealth number, first and last name, date of birth, gender, mobile number, email address, and their chosen password that fits within the criteria approved by the system.

Step 3: Go to ‘premium contribution

After logging in to their account, they will be able to see a side menu. From there, they need to click on Premium Contribution. This will display the member’s records, such as the Member Contribution Payment Summary and the Member Contribution Payment History.

Additionally, this page also has filters to determine the range of inclusive months or years that must be covered so that it can process the data that the tables will display.

After making sure that the tables are displaying the intended data, the Print button can be clicked to generate a printable copy of the Certificate of Contribution.


Another way to acquire the certificate is by writing an email requesting the certification to their official customer service email address at

PhilHealth Office

The last way to secure the certificate is by proceeding to the nearest PhilHealth branch. You may request the Certificate of Contribution from any Philhealth branch. They may require proof of identity and the Philhealth Number found on the PhilHealth member identification card.

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