SSS Payment Reference Number (PRN) Guide

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SSS Payment Reference Number (PRN)
SSS Payment Reference Number (PRN)


The SSS PRN, or Payment Reference Number, is a crucial component of the Social Security System (SSS) in the Philippines. It serves as a unique identification number assigned to every SSS member, and its primary purpose is to facilitate the seamless recording of contributions, loan payments, and various other SSS transactions.

Characteristics of the SSS PRN

  1. Uniqueness and Identification: The PRN is unique for each SSS member, helping in their identification within the SSS system.
  2. Recording Contributions and Loan Payments: The PRN is used for recording contributions made by members and loan payments, as these are key functions of the SSS system.
  3. Reference Number for Payment: It acts as a vital reference number for payments. Anytime an SSS member makes a contribution or a loan payment, they need to provide their PRN to ensure the transaction is properly recorded.
  4. Processing Requirement: Providing the PRN is a requirement for processing contributions and loan payments. Without it, these transactions may encounter delays or errors.
  5. Importance in Preventing Errors: PRN plays a critical role in preventing errors and delays in transaction processing. Moreover, it ensures that payments are accurately credited to the correct SSS account, enhancing the overall efficiency of the system.

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PRN Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SSS PRN?

The SSS PRN, or Payment Reference Number, is a unique identification code provided by the Social Security System (SSS) to its members. This special code is crucial for processing contributions, loan payments, and various transactions with the SSS. Discover the importance of the PRN and how it streamlines payment processes for SSS members below.

Can I pay my SSS contribution without PRN?

No, you cannot pay your SSS contribution without a Payment Reference Number (PRN). The PRN is now a mandatory requirement for all SSS payments, thanks to the introduction of the SSS electronic Collecting System (e-CS).

The PRN is essential for real-time payment recording and posting to the SSS, ensuring efficient and accurate transactions. This requirement applies to voluntary members, self-employed individuals, and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who pay their monthly contributions through payment centers and Bayad Centers.

Since 2021, the SSS has made PRN usage compulsory for paying SSS loans under the Real-Time Processing of Contributions (RTPC) program. This initiative guarantees immediate posting of member records, enabling timely access to benefits without delays.

In summary, the PRN is an indispensable element, and the agency cannot process any loans or contribution payments without it. Always have your PRN ready for seamless and hassle-free SSS transactions.

What transactions require the SSS PRN
What transactions require the SSS PRN

What transactions require the SSS PRN?

Beginning last June 2021, the SSS has made it mandatory for members to use PRN when paying for the following:

  • Voluntary SSS Contributions
  • SSS Loan Payments
    • Salary Loan Payments
    • Calamity Loan Payments
    • Emergency Loan Payments
    • Restructured Loan Payments
Different ways to generate PRN
Different ways to generate PRN

Generating and Paying with PRN

How to generate PRN SSS?

There are five different ways to generate your PRN following. Below are the steps for the different SSS PRN generation modes:

  1. Online via My.SSS or SSS Mobile App:
    • Log in to your SSS online account or SSS Mobile App.
    • Navigate to the “Payment Reference Number (PRN)” page.
    • Enter the required details like applicable month or period and amount due.
    • Click on “Generate PRN” to obtain your PRN SSS.
  2. Via Text Message:
    • Compose a new text message to SSS.
    • Type in your SSS number, applicable month or period, and amount due, separated by spaces.
    • Send the message to the designated SSS PRN hotline number.
    • You will receive a reply containing your PRN SSS.
  3. Through Email:
    • Compose a new email to
    • Indicate “Request for PRN SSS” in the subject line.
    • Provide your SSS number, applicable month or period, and amount due in the email body.
    • Wait for the reply, which will contain your PRN SSS.
  4. Via Hotline:
    • Call the SSS hotline 1455.
    • Follow the voice prompts to request a PRN SSS.
    • Provide your SSS number, applicable month or period, and amount due.
    • The customer service representative will provide your PRN SSS over the phone.
  5. Through Payment Collecting Partners:
    • Visit any accredited SSS payment collecting partner.
    • Provide your SSS number, applicable month or period, and amount due.
    • The payment partner will generate your PRN SSS and print it on the payment slip. Remember to present your valid ID.

Where can I pay with the SSS PRN?

As of 2022, the SSS has the following online payment partners:

Local payment options:

  • AltPayNet
  • CIS Bayad Center, Inc.
  • GCash
  • Maya
  • Robinsons Bank Corporation
  • Security Bank Corporation
  • Union Bank of the Philippines

Land-based OFWs

For land-based overseas Filipino workers, the accredited payment partners are the following:

  • BPI account, debit, or credit card
  • GCash
  • Maya

You can get your SSS PRN code by generating it through your My.SSS account or the SSS mobile app. Once generated, your PRN will be displayed on the payment confirmation slip.

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How can I generate my SSS PRN online?

You can generate your SSS PRN (Payment Reference Number) online by logging in to your My.SSS account on the official SSS website.

After logging in, go to the “Payment Reference Number” page and enter the required information, such as the type of payment, payment period, and amount.

Once you submit the information, your PRN will be generated, and you can use it to make your payment.

Can you pay an SSS contribution using GCash?

Yes, you can pay your SSS contribution using GCash and other accredited digital wallets. To do this, go to the Bills section, select SSS as the biller, and enter your PRN. With these platforms, there is no need to visit a branch, and all you need is your mobile device.

How can I pay my SSS voluntary contribution through GCash?

Paying your SSS voluntary contribution through GCash is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the GCash app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the “Pay Bills” feature.
  3. Select “SSS” as the biller.
  4. Enter your Payment Reference Number (PRN).
  5. Input the payment amount.
  6. Provide any other required information.
  7. Confirm the payment.

Once confirmed, you’ll receive a payment confirmation along with a transaction reference number. This simple process allows you to conveniently make your SSS contributions through GCash.

Where can I pay an SSS loan using PRN?

You have multiple options to pay your SSS loan using PRN:

  1. SSS Branches: Visit any SSS branch to make your payment in person.
  2. Authorized Payment Centers: Many authorized payment centers across the country accept SSS loan payments with PRN. Check the official SSS website for a list of authorized centers.
  3. Online Payment Platforms: Utilize online payment platforms that support SSS loan payments. Ensure you have your PRN ready when making the payment.

For an updated list of payment channels and more details, refer to the official SSS website. This flexibility ensures you can conveniently manage your SSS loan payments using your PRN.

Does PRN expire?

Yes, PRNs (Payment Reference Numbers) typically have an expiration period. They usually expire five days after the due date of the current bill. If you miss the payment deadline, you’ll need to generate a new PRN to ensure smooth and successful transactions.

Attempting to reuse an old or expired PRN may result in payment issues, including payment declines and unexpected charges to your wallet or card. Therefore, it’s important to generate a new PRN for each payment to avoid any complications.

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