Introducing eezi: Payroll System in the Philippines (with Free Trial Options)

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Here’s how your small business can stay up-to-date with the trends with eezi’s free payroll system in the Philippines.

Introducing eezi: Payroll System in the Philippines
Introducing eezi: Payroll System in the Philippines

The next big thing for micro and small business owners needing robust HR and payroll solutions is here. From a team of experts in developing human resource technologies comes eezi, a highly configurable software with end-to-end payroll capabilities. eezi comes with a range of modules, from time and attendance to payroll processing.

End-to-end payroll made eezi

Computing payroll for one employee can already cause a lot of stress. How much more for an entire company? No matter how big or small a business is, ensuring the accuracy of data for payroll processing is always a challenge. eezi‘s end-to-end HR and payroll software ensure all of those data are accurate, from attendance recording to payroll computations and compliance.

Document management

Keeping employee data in papers and folders is a thing of the past. Recording employee data in Excel or Google Sheets is also not as flexible and user-friendly as you want it to be. With eezi‘s HRIS module, you can store tons of employee data online and access them as needed.

Improve your internal data recording speed and accuracy with the eezi suite. Enroll once and reduce errors, duplications, and omissions every time you process data for payroll.

With centralized document management, you also gain better control of your files and ensure their security. Our software also stores your information in a trusted cloud server with its own certification process.

Payroll processing

Our software makes sure your employee pay is calculated correctly each time and quickly, too, no matter how frequently you do it. What’s more exciting is that eezi offers a more configurable payroll system that allows users to add more payroll items without needing to pay extra.

You can trust our payroll software to compute all the employee’s salary, overtime, bonus, de minimis, and tax items, among others. This way, you can focus on vital decision-making aspects of your business while the software keeps your deductions, government reports, and salary payments accurate, compliant, and timely.

Timekeeping and attendance tracking

Encourage your employees to comply with company attendance. Make clocking in and out easier for them, even without biometric devices. With eezi, time and attendance become simpler for both your HR team and employees.

Aside from giving them a platform, you must also make sure the data they input is accurate before you feed them to payroll. Our software can manage your daily data and even isolated cases like exceptions and overtime without a hiccup.

With the eezi features, it is easier for business owners to comply with labor laws and manage remote employees at the least cost.

Analytics and reports

How effective is your current HR strategy? What is your current employee turnover rate? How much is your expected HR budget per department next year? Get answers to these questions instantly with eezi‘s analytics and reports features.

With the available data from the eezi analytics dashboard, business owners can make more informed decisions and formulate more effective training programs and employee programs.

Mobile app and employee self-service

The eezi payroll suite empowers not only your HR team but also your employees. Our payroll software comes with a mobile companion app that allows employees to clock in and out, see schedules, file leaves, and download payslips.

Aside from making payslips readily available, eezi‘s employee self-service platform allows employees to file attendance disputes. Additionally, attendance records are readily available so everybody can check the accuracy of their records.

With eezi’s mobile payroll software, your payslip distribution is as fast as your payroll processing.

What are the advantages of payroll software with free trial options?

There are several advantages of using payroll software with a free trial. Some of the key benefits include:

Testing the software before purchase

The free trial allows businesses to test the software before purchasing. This helps businesses make informed decisions and ensure that the software is a good fit for their needs.


Payroll software with a free trial is cost-effective for businesses as they can try out the software without spending any money upfront.

Access to features

During the free trial period, businesses can access all the features of the payroll software. Such allows them to fully test the software’s capabilities and determine whether it meets their needs.


Payroll software automates time-consuming tasks, such as tax calculations, paycheck generation, and employee record keeping. By using payroll software with a free trial, businesses can determine whether the software is efficient and can save time.

Improved accuracy

Payroll software reduces the likelihood of payroll processing errors, saving businesses from costly mistakes. During the free trial period, businesses can take advantage of these features without cash outflow.

In summary, using payroll software with a free trial offers businesses a low-risk way to test the software. Additionally, this helps businesses determine whether it is a good fit for their needs. As a result, it helps save time and money while improving accuracy and efficiency.

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