Here Are the Steps to Process Your SSS Salary Loan Application Online

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What are the requirements when applying for SSS salary loan online?

SSS Salary Loan Application Online Guide and Requirements
SSS Salary Loan Application Online Guide and Requirements

Budgeting your finances can be tricky at times. Just when you thought you had covered everything for the month, something comes up that turns the tables and forces you to take up a loan.

Regardless of the reason, employees who are in need of quick financial backing generally turn to salary loans to compensate. One option is to apply for an SSS salary loan.

SSS Salary Loan is a type of cash loan granted to a self-employed, employed, or voluntary member whose contributions are up-to-date. These loans are meant to aid members in need of short-term credit.

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Who is eligible for SSS salary loans?

All contributors to the Social Security System can avail themselves of the SSS Salary Loan. This includes all the currently employed, self-employed, and voluntary members.

Other eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Borrowers whose employers are up to date on paying their SSS contributions.
  • Members who have not received their final SSS benefits, such as retirement, total permanent disability, or death benefits.
  •  The member-borrower must be under sixty-five (65) years old at the time of application.
  •  Member-borrower who has not been disqualified from applying due to any form of fraud committed against the Social Security System.

How much can I loan from SSS?

For a month’s worth of salary loan, the member borrower should have at least thirty-six (36) posted monthly contributions.

For a two-month salary loan, the member borrower should have at least seventy-two (72) posted monthly contributions.

However, note that six (6) of these posted contributions should have been made within twelve (12) months before the date or month of filing the salary loan application.

SSS Salary Loan Requirements in 2024


A member-borrower needs to submit the following documents and IDs when processing a salary loan:

  • Member Loan Application Form
  • SSS ID or E-6 (acknowledgment stub)
  • Valid IDs

For the valid ID requirement, both must have a signature and at least one must have a photo.

Authorized Representative

If your authorized representative is filing the loan application on your behalf, the following requirements apply:

  • Member-borrower’s duly accomplished Member Loan Application
  •  Authorized Representative’s SSS card or any two valid IDs (both with signatures and at least one with a photo)
  •  Letter of Authority (LOA) signed by the member borrower and their authorized representative
  •  Member borrowing’s SS card or any two valid IDs (both with the member’s signature and at least one with a photo)

Member Borrower’s Employer or the Company’s Authorized Representative

If the salary loan application is filed by the employer or the company’s authorized representative on behalf of the member borrower, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Member borrower’s completed Member Loan Application
  •  An authorized Company Representative (ACR) card from SSS
  •  Employer’s Letter of Authority (LOA) and any two (2) valid IDs
  •  Member borrower’s SSS card or (if the SSS card is unavailable) Application for SSS card (SSS Form E-6) acknowledgment stub and any two valid IDs.
How to file your SSS Salary Loan?
How to file your SSS Salary Loan?

How to file your SSS Salary Loan

There are many ways for an individual to file an SSS loan.

  • Personal appearance: The member-borrower can file their salary loan application at the nearest SSS office branch within their place of residence or business.
  • Online application: A member borrower with an online SSS account can log in to the My.SSS website to submit their application.
  • Through the employer: If the loan application is processed by the employer on behalf of the member borrower, it will be directed to the employer’s My.SSS accounts for certification and validation. 
  • Overseas application: Members who are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) can file their salary loan applications at the SSS Foreign Representative Offices. 

For employers filing loan applications on behalf of employees

The employer must have an active SSS web account for this purpose.

Moreover, you as an employer must also submit an updated Specimen Signature Card (SSS Form L-501) bearing the signatures of the member.

This card should be updated annually to prevent delays or potential rejection when processing the salary loan.

For overseas applications

Since these officers are limited to Foreign Representative Offices in other countries, OFW member-borrowers may opt for an alternative channel. For instance, they can send the application requirements to their relatives in the Philippines. 

Moreover, these authorized representatives may file the loan application at the local SSS offices. However, all documents issued by foreign countries need the authentication of the Philippine Consulate Embassy.

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Steps in filing your SSS Loan online application 

To get an SSS salary loan, members can process their application online through the SSS website by following these steps:

  1. First, log in to My.SSS with your User ID and password.
  2. Click the Electronic Services or E-Services, tab.
  3. Choose “Loans” from the E-Services dropdown, and then click on “Apply for Salary Loan.”
  4. Select your preferred loan disbursement channel.
  5. Carefully read the SSS Disbursement Account Enrollment. Agree and certify once you have finished reading the document.
  6. Enroll your personal bank or financial account or mobile phone number using the DAEM. (The enrollment process is provided below.)
  7. Wait for the approval of your enrollment for the SSS disbursement account. Once approved, you may proceed and process your SSS salary loan online.

Be sure to indicate your desired loan amount and read through and agree to the terms and conditions, including the loan disclosure statement, before proceeding with the rest of the steps for your SSS salary loan online application.

The loan disclosure statement provides information regarding the monthly amortization schedule and the loan interest rate.

Once submitted, you can check the status of your SSS salary loan by logging back into your My.SSS account.

It usually takes 3–5 working days for an SSS salary loan to get approved.

The funds will then be credited to the bank account you enrolled through the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM).

What is the SSS Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM)?

The DAEM is a component of the My.SSS online portal that lets employers and members enroll their bank accounts to receive loan disbursements.

In other words, the SSS will credit the benefits and loan proceeds to the wallet or bank account that you register here.

Moreover, this is a secure and convenient option for members securing salary loans and the like, as it removes the need to physically go to the nearest SSS branch or office. This way, members simply have to link their registered financial account or e-wallet with their My.SSS profiles.

Once approved, the funds will go directly to their pre-registered bank accounts.

How to Enroll and Set Up Your SSS DAEM

1. Log in to your SSS online account

Go to the My.SSS website. Log in with your User ID and password.

Tick the “I’m not a robot” option, then click “Submit.”

2. Go to the e-Services tab

  1. After logging in, go to the E-Services tab.
  2. Click “Disbursement Modules,” then choose “Disbursement Account Enrollment Module.”
  3. Carefully read through the Disbursement Account application’s fine print.
  4. Place a tick on the portion stating, “I certify that I have read and understood the foregoing reminders on account enrollment.”
  5. Click “Proceed.”

3. Select from the enrollment options

You will see these two options under the Enrollment tab:

  •  Bank
  •  E-Wallet/RTC/CPO

Bank Option

If you select the “Bank” option, a box will pop up stating that the Bank Account Name should be the same as the name registered in your SSS account. It also states that you will need to provide your correct Bank Account Number, not the card number on your ATM.

  1. Click the “X” button once you are done reading the notice.
  2. Choose your correct bank from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Provide the required information, including your Bank Account Name, Account Number, etc.


SSS also allows the disbursement of funds through digital wallets that are PESO participants. To enroll your digital wallet, you would only need to provide the mobile number connected to your account and follow the confirmation process.

Supported e-Wallets

The following e-Wallets are also supported and recognized as appropriate disbursing modules:

  • GCash
  •  PayMaya
  • via DCPay
  •  CBP Cash Padala via MLhuillier

4. Provide supporting documents

Attach the following required supporting documents:

  • Proof of Account
  •  Valid ID
  •  Selfie with your ID and Proof of Account

Note that clear and readable colored JPEG images or PDF documents are recommended.

5. Submit requirements for the Disbursement Account Enrollment Module (DAEM)

Proof of Account

Depending on your selection, the actual proof of account may vary.

If you selected “Bank,” you will need to upload the following documents as proof of account:

  • ATM card showing the Account Number and Account Holder’s Name
  •  Bank Certificate that must be issued within the current year
  •  Foreign remittance receipt
  •  Passbook
  •  Screenshot of an online or mobile banking account
  •  Validated deposit slip

Take a picture or scan any of the aforementioned documents and upload. The file(s) should either be in JPG or PDF formats only and must not exceed 3 MB in size.

If you selected “E-Wallet,” you will be required to upload a screenshot of your e-wallet mobile app account. Your name and mobile number must be clearly visible in the image.

Valid IDs Accepted in SSS

You can use any of the following as valid IDs:

  • Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) Card
  •  Social Security (SS) Card
  •  Philippine Identification (PhilID) Card
  •  Alien Certificate of Registration
  •  Driver’s License
  •  Firearm Registration
  •  License to Own and Possess Firearms
  •  NBI Clearance
  •  Passport
  •  Permit to Carry Firearms Outside of Residence
  •  Postal ID Card
  •  Seafarer’s Identification Book (Seaman’s Book)
  •  Voter’s ID Card
  •  Senior Citizen ID Card
  •  ID Cards issued by Local Government Units (LGUs) (e.g., barangay, municipality, or city)
  •  PhilHealth ID Card
  •  Pag-IBIG ID Card
  •  Police Clearance
  •  Persons with Disabilities (PWD) ID Card
  •  Solo Parent ID
  •  Professional ID Card
  •  ID Card issued by the PNP Supervisory Office for Security and Investigation Agencies (SOSIA)


When taking a selfie for your SSS Salary Loan application, make sure to hold up your valid ID and proof of account. The image must clearly show the necessary information.

Wear appropriate attire and remove intrusive accessories such as earrings and necklaces.

5. Final Steps

Once you have uploaded the final attachments, check the box certifying that all the information provided is true and that you are allowing them to be used in SSS transactions.

Click on “Enroll” to proceed with the transaction. Then, click “Ok” to continue with the rest of the process. You will then see the Enrollment Confirmation on display.

An email notification regarding the Disbursement Account Enrollment will be sent to your registered email address. It states that your application has been submitted and will be evaluated.

After evaluation, you will receive another email indicating whether your DAEM application has been approved or rejected.

If the disbursement account is rejected, the mail will provide the reasons why. You will be advised to re-enroll using a valid disbursement account or provide supporting attachments that are more readable and clear.

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How Much is the First SSS Salary Loan Amount?

Members of the Social Security System with at least thirty-six (36) months’ worth of posted contributions are eligible to apply for the SSS salary loan.

Six (6) out of the total posted contributions should have been made within the last twelve (12) months before the month of the application.

The maximum loanable amount is equivalent to one (1) month’s worth of the member borrower’s salary.

How Long Before a SSS Salary Loan Gets Approved?

The SSS Salary Loan proceeds shall be credited to the registered bank account of the member borrower within three (3) to five (5) working days from the date of approval.

You can access your SSS Salary Loan through any Megalink, Bancnet, or Expressnet Automated Machines.

What is the SSS salary loan interest rate in the Philippines in 2024?

The current SSS Salary Loan interest rate for 2024 is 10% per year. Moreover, the computation applies a diminishing principal balance, where the interest rate will continue to be charged against the outstanding principal balance until it is fully paid.

What is the two-month salary loan?

A one-month loan is the average of your last 12 monthly salary credits (MSCs), or the amount applied for, whichever is lower. On the other hand, the two-month loan is twice the average of your last 12 MSCs. In some cases, this is rounded to the next higher monthly salary credit, or the amount you applied for, whichever is lower.

How do I check my SSS loan status?

You may check your salary loan status by logging into your My.SSS account online. Aside from your loan status, you will also see other details about your loan here. Take note of the payment deadline and remit your payments through an SSS-authorized payment center.

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